Complete advertising


The world of online advertising, am I right? There is so much to pay attention to and so many people that need to be reached. Furthermore, there are so many advertisements, that it becomes clear that it takes more than just a few TV commercials to reach the people you need to reach. Long gone are the days where advertising was easy, and even then it wasn’t that easy. But now it is much more difficult.

So what needs to be done? The answer is a complete advertising campaign that covers all of your basis, while giving you the budget needed to carry out your daily operations. This is where the help of an advertising firm comes in. Thanks to analytics, metrics, and other forms of measurement, you can now run a successful advertising campaign that cuts through the clutter and gives you the competitive edge you need to achieve greatness.

Being thorough

This means identifying all of the mediums that your customers use and determining the best way to reach them. Some people use computers more than others, some people respond better to social media advertising than others. The trick then becomes finding out which is which. As previously stated, analytics can help achieve this goal through empirical evidence. We can see just who is visiting your site, the times at which they do so, the demographics in which they fit, and so much more. In today’s advertising world, knowledge is worth even more than the old fashion charisma it took to sell items door to door.

Hitting your mark


When it comes to advertising in today’s marketplace, there is nothing better than hitting your mark. What I mean by this, is developing an advertising campaign that is both effective, compelling, and that hits your target audience right in their wheelhouse. At the end of the day, not everybody is going to or wants to buy every product, so in order to maintain efficiency monetarily speaking, it is important to find out who will buy your product.

With this in mind, companies are now forced to ask themselves whether or not their campaign is hitting the right target audience. Before, it was possible to advertise anything basically anywhere, and hit a potential market. Today, consumers are bombarded with so much input, that it is impossible to reach everyone.

Make the right choice

As a young professional and expert of advertising and human psychology, it has become abundantly clear to me that the future of advertising lies in social media marketing and web searched tailored to your potential customers. It is possible to gather enough information from your customers through record keeping and surveys to learn exactly what they want and exactly how to deliver it to them.

Choose a marketing solution that captivates the cultural tendencies, budgetary constraints, and age demographics of your target audience. Chances are, that if something does not resonate with people today immediately, that it never will. Hit your customers right where you know their soft spot is, by communicating your message effectively.

Business today


Boy does it move fast. What we are seeing is a changing of the guard wherein there is more pressure than ever to achieve, and less time in which to do it. Think about the billion dollar companies of yesteryear, they filled a need, innovated, and gave us what we needed to progress as a society, much off the top of their head. In some ways, it’s all been done, but this doesn’t mean that innovation is dead.

Innovation not only means coming up with new ideas, but also improving upon existing ones. We don’t need railroads to expand west anymore, but we do need new, energy efficient ways of transporting people, especially with the threat of climate change looming overhead.

The future

The future is here, the future is now, and what we choose to do with it will determine what the next future will hold. It is time for innovation to once again reach its potential, finding ways to give people what they want and fill a need that may not be as obvious as it was in the old days, is still a necessity.

Us, as young professionals need to realize this shift in the way in which business is done and come up with ways to serve the past, present, and future generations through innovation and an understanding of modern business. What was old will be thrown out, and what was new will soon be old. It’s important that we stay ahead of the curve.


Out with the old

Being a young professional in the field of advertising is not always easy. A lot of what we deal with on a daily basis is fighting the existing tide of old, antiquated advertising techniques. And although it is still an important part of the way we do business, it is quickly being replaced with more digital advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

When you think of social media, think of the ways in which it has changed out lives. It has connected the world, for better or for worse, and changed the face of the global economy. Now think about the ways in which people use social media to advertise and purchase, and think to yourself, are physical advertisements still relevant?

The answer may surprise you

Now what we need to remember when it comes to social media advertising versus old paper advertisements, is that both still serve a crucial role in crafting a successful marketing campaign. What you get is a dichotomy where old customers prefer one aspect, and younger customers prefer the other. It is nearly impossible to separate the two, so we must prepare for that or get lost in the advertising dust.

Consider this, social media advertising is the only source of advertising for many people of the younger generation. What this creates is a gap between the two audiences, but older generations have shown to be better consumers. So why sacrifice your largest demographic for people that don’t buy as much? This is why we must still use both in order to achieve advertising greatness.

What young professionals need to know

We, as young professionals are the future of the advertising and marketing disciplines. A job that we will greatly accept and no doubt succeed at. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the new landscape of advertising, and ways in which we, as young people need to adapt. We can no longer ride the coattails of those that came before us. The world is new, and we are in charge.

What this means, is that digital advertising is taking hold, and we, as young people are better suited than ever to make this a reality. We are the technology generation, and now we outnumber almost every other generation. This means that the world of advertising is ripe for the picking and we have everything we need to make it great.

Technology is our friend

Digital advertising used to be quite the marketing boogeyman, but now it is something that generations, old and new, have come to embrace. We are in position to take digital advertising to new heights, and since we are already part of that movement, can make improvements to it in seamless fashion.

Think about the last time you saw a physical advertisement, it was a bit off-putting wasn’t it? Those are things of the past. It is up to us to usher in a new age of digital advertising and appeal to the greater sensibilities of other young professionals. Whether you are of our generation or an older one, the digital age is here, and it is our duty to continue to use it to its fullest potential.

Advertising with meaning

As an advertiser, one of the most common questions that I get is “what is the most effective type of ad?”. Well, the answer to that is quite simple, the most effective type of ad is one that catches the eye of viewers and advertises with meaning. In so many instances, advertisements serve as a benign sensory input to viewers that they immediately forget. But what good does that do?

In today’s day and age, consumers are bombarded with so many advertisements that it just becomes part of the daily noise of their lives. It is rare that an advertisement will captivate an audience, simply because they see so many on a daily basis. This is where the mold needs to be broken and advertisements must be unique and full of meaning.

What I mean by this

Is that long gone are the days of an advertisement that just shows someone enjoying your product or service. Advertising has been around for a very long time, and chances are that most ideas have been done in some way shape or form. The challenge now becomes taking ideas that might not be necessarily new, and showing them in a different and compelling light.

Add some humor to your advertisement, challenge audiences, make audiences think, do anything that will help your advertisement stick in their mind long after they have seen it. Consumers are given the opportunity to see so many advertisements in a single given day, given hundreds of products to consider buying. Why not make yours the one that they actually want to buy?