Out with the old

Being a young professional in the field of advertising is not always easy. A lot of what we deal with on a daily basis is fighting the existing tide of old, antiquated advertising techniques. And although it is still an important part of the way we do business, it is quickly being replaced with more digital advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

When you think of social media, think of the ways in which it has changed out lives. It has connected the world, for better or for worse, and changed the face of the global economy. Now think about the ways in which people use social media to advertise and purchase, and think to yourself, are physical advertisements still relevant?

The answer may surprise you

Now what we need to remember when it comes to social media advertising versus old paper advertisements, is that both still serve a crucial role in crafting a successful marketing campaign. What you get is a dichotomy where old customers prefer one aspect, and younger customers prefer the other. It is nearly impossible to separate the two, so we must prepare for that or get lost in the advertising dust.

Consider this, social media advertising is the only source of advertising for many people of the younger generation. What this creates is a gap between the two audiences, but older generations have shown to be better consumers. So why sacrifice your largest demographic for people that don’t buy as much? This is why we must still use both in order to achieve advertising greatness.

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