Business today


Boy does it move fast. What we are seeing is a changing of the guard wherein there is more pressure than ever to achieve, and less time in which to do it. Think about the billion dollar companies of yesteryear, they filled a need, innovated, and gave us what we needed to progress as a society, much off the top of their head. In some ways, it’s all been done, but this doesn’t mean that innovation is dead.

Innovation not only means coming up with new ideas, but also improving upon existing ones. We don’t need railroads to expand west anymore, but we do need new, energy efficient ways of transporting people, especially with the threat of climate change looming overhead.

The future

The future is here, the future is now, and what we choose to do with it will determine what the next future will hold. It is time for innovation to once again reach its potential, finding ways to give people what they want and fill a need that may not be as obvious as it was in the old days, is still a necessity.

Us, as young professionals need to realize this shift in the way in which business is done and come up with ways to serve the past, present, and future generations through innovation and an understanding of modern business. What was old will be thrown out, and what was new will soon be old. It’s important that we stay ahead of the curve.


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